Commo is a new brand of mobile electronics and accessories created by Yandex. The product line includes some of the most essential items in modern-day life: chargers, power banks, headphones, cases, and much more. Our goal was to create top-quality, aesthetically pleasing, reasonably-priced products. And since they would be sold exclusively on Yandex Market, where it’s easy to collect customer feedback, another goal was to give the brand a warmer vibe.

The concept is an intersection of two paradigms — technology and humanity. Accuracy, expertise, precision, and attention to detail are interconnected with warmth, friendliness, and peace. The brand knows that a meter-long cable is never enough to charge a device from the comfort of one’s bed and  offers an appropriate length instead. In the process of developing the visual identity, we started with our original concept. A mix of modern tech vibes and human nature is reflected in the main corporate colors of Opal Gray and Yellow. The logo and symbol were based on the brand’s first product and given an industrial design direction. We took inspiration from the rounded square shape of our charger. The logo font is also used in the headings — a nod to the product’s technical characteristics.

As for the packaging, it was important for us to make it functional and stylish, so that you’d be equally pleased buying a device for yourself or giving it to someone as a gift. We decided against putting photos of the product on the packaging, since users already see what it looks like on Yandex Market. The packaging is comprised of three planes, with the devices “sewn” into them. Looking at the front, you see an abstract image. But when you turn it in your hands, the abstraction turns into a three-dimensional, simplified image of the product inside.

Neizvestnie team

Designers: Nikita Ivanov, Andrei Uhanev
Copywriter: Sasha Fedoseeva
Type designer: Andrei Uhanev

Yandex team

Creative director: Maria Brish
Manager: Alina Monakhova