Sreda 2020

SREDA (Eng. environment) is a Russian festival of new design, which accepts works that change the visual environment for the better. The purpose of the festival is to encourage designers, agencies and their clients in an effort to make the visual environment around us more beautiful, more convenient and more interesting.

The idea of ​​redesign the identity is to reflect reality and show the aggressive environment in which people of creative professions struggle. Political repression, environmental disasters, demolition of historical sites or ugly advertising in the city - a designer can definitely influence events and make the environment around us better.

The sign was the shape of the letter S encircling the object, as the meaning of the environment and space itself. Construction bright orange with concrete gray added a brutal character to the identity, and the key images of the video reflected the main idea of ​​the style.

Neizvestnie team

Designers: Nikita Ivanov, Andrei Uhanev

Sreda team

Owners: Vadim Bunkov, Nick Zaporozhskiy