Sreda 2022

SREDA (Eng. environment) is a Russian festival of new design, which accepts works that change the visual environment for the better. The purpose of the festival is to encourage designers, agencies and their clients in an effort to make the visual environment around us more beautiful, more convenient and more interesting.

Working on the new identity of the festival in 2022, we decided not to refuse to describe the reality of our environment. From the first day of the war, the usual life was destroyed for many, no one believed in what was happening, it all seemed like a real nightmare. Time stopped, but the organizers decided to continue their work.

The main graphic technique was kinetic typography, which conveys the general mood of the time. Additional visual images in the form of colliding and collapsing objects made it possible to convey a sense of disaster.

Neizvestnie team

Designers: Nikita Ivanov, Andrei Uhanev

Sreda team

Owners: Vadim Bunkov, Nick Zaporozhskiy